Lovers Rock - The Rock of Love

According to ancient legend, this rock is believed to be the home of the God of Love.
At every year, many worshipers come to the rock.
They pray for good fortune and good luck, especially for their forthcoming marriage lives.

This rock is well respected by the local worshipers.
They decorated the rock with oriental red and beautifully crafted drapes.
Especially during the Seven Sisters Festival (7th day of the 7th lunar month), this place is crowded with worshipers.

This rock is a big and phallus-shaped granite rock located at the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong Island.
Near the rock, there are some professional soothsayers.
They help worshipers to divine their future by consulting an ancient book and charge a fee for every transaction.

This rock is also a major tourist attraction in Hong Kong.
It offers the beautiful views of the Wan Chai area and the Victoria Harbour.

To reach the rock, exit off the Admiralty MTR Station Exit A.
Then, take Green Minibus No.24A or 24M at Admiralty Centre, Drake Street and get off at Shiu Fai Terrace.

Near a big tree, there is a staircase going up.
Walk along the staircase to go uphill and it will lead you to Bowen Road Fitness Trail.

Then, turn left and walk along the trail, you will reach the rock.

Location: Lovers Rock
Address: Bowen Road Fitness Trail, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Credit: Cafeew Wong @ Hong Kong Footprint (

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