Ng Tung Chai Waterfall - Ng Tung Waterfall Path - Waterfall Tour

Walking along this trail, visitors will see the biggest waterfall of Hong Kong.
It is also one of the four peculiar natural scenes in Hong Kong.

This waterfall consists of four waterfalls at different altitudes.
From bottom to top, visitors will see the bottom fall, the middle fall, the main fall and the scatter fall.
Especially the main fall, it is the highest waterfall and it has about 30 meters high.

This waterfall is called "Ng Tung Chai Waterfall" and it is located at the northern side of Tai Mo Shan Country Park.

To get there, take MTR to Tai Po Market MTR Station and leave at Exit A1.
Then, take bus No.64K at Tai Po Market Railway Station Bus Terminus and get off at Ng Tung Chai Bus Stop.
The bus ride is about 45 minutes.

Near the Ng Tung Chai Bus Stop, you will see a side road.
This side road will lead us to a monastery.
Walk along this side road until you see the monastery.

At the left hand side of the entrance of the monastery, there is a path.
Walk ahead and you will see a small waterfall and an information panel.
The left side path at the junction will lead you to the bottom fall.
The bottom fall is the shortest one.
However, its water is very transparent.
You can also take a rest here.

Afterwards, walk back to the main path and turn left to go uphill.
After about 10 minutes walk, you will arrive at middle fall.
In the middle fall, you will see that water is turbulently tumbling over the waterfall.
The flow of water here is the fastest one.

Then, walk back to the main path.
The uphill path to the main fall is long, steep and narrow.
Along the way, you can see the main fall at a far distance.
After passing through some streams, you will arrive at the main fall.
The main fall is about 30 meters high.
It is a beautiful waterfall and the flow of water here is quite slow.
You can stay at the nearby lookout point and enjoy the scenic views of the waterfall.

If you do not want to go to scatter fall, it is recommended to retrace the same way to go downhill from here.
The uphill path to the scatter fall is covered with loose gravel and crushed rocks.
Especially in rainy day, walking this path is extremely dangerous.
The shape of the scatter fall is just like flyaway hair.
It is a special waterfall.

To go downhill from the scatter fall, just follow the signposts and walk along the main path.

Location: Ng Tung Chai Waterfall - Ng Tung Waterfall Path
Address: Ng Tung Chai, Lam Tsuen, New Territories

Credit: Cafeew Wong @ Hong Kong Footprint (

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