Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve - Tai Po Kau Nature Trail, Tai Po Kau Forest Walk - Forest Tour

This nature trail is one of the most thickly forested trails in Hong Kong.
Walking along the nature trail, visitors will see hundreds of different species of trees.

Visitors may also see some animals, such as deer, civet cat, pangolin, porcupine and different species of bird.
Some birds, such as Spotted Dove, Chinese Bulbul and Crested Bulbul, are commonly seen in the nature trail.

This nature trail consists of two main trails, namely the Tai Po Kau Nature Trail and the Tai Po Kau Forest Walk.
The Tai Po Kau Forest Walks consists of four trails, which are indicated by different colors: Red, Blue, Brown and Yellow.

At the entrance of the reserve, visitors can find an information panel that describes the trails.
Visitors can easily switch from one trail to another with no danger of getting lost.

These trails are situated in the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve.
In order to prevent forest fires, in the nature reserve, there is no barbecue pits and no fires of any kind are permitted.

To get there, take MTR to Tai Wo MTR Station and leave at Exit A.
Then, take bus No.72 or 74A at Tai Wo Bus Terminus and get off at Chung Tsai Yuen Bus Stop.

Afterwards, walk along the Tai Po Road Tai Po Kau to the entrance of the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve for about 3 minutes.

Then, go uphill and you will see the entrance of the Tai Po Kau Nature Trail.
It is recommended to start the journey from the entrance of the Tai Po Kau Nature Trail.
The Tai Po Kau Nature Trail will take you to the Brown Walk of the Tai Po Kau Forest Walk.

After you reached the Brown Walk, follow the signposts and walk to the Blue Walk and then the Red Walk.

Keep on walking along the Red Walk, you will reach the Brown Walk again.
Near the Brown Walk, there is a river.

Follow the trail along the river and it will finally lead you to the entrance of the Tai Po Kau Forest Walk.

Location: Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve - Tai Po Kau Nature Trail, Tai Po Kau Forest Walk
Address: Tai Po Kau, New Territories

Credit: Cafeew Wong @ Hong Kong Footprint (HongKongFootprint.com)

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