Kowloon Bay Park Cycling Ground - A flat and wide cycle path. A good place for beginners in cycling.

Cycling is a healthy exercise for the body and mind, so Hong Kong also has some innovatively designed public venues for cycling, such as a bicycle park is a good choice. The bicycle park that HongKongFootprint.com will introduce this time is not only beautiful, but also a good place for beginners to practice cycling.

The "Kowloon Bay Park Cycling Ground", which was only opened in 2005, although it occupies a small area, has sufficient bicycle facilities. In the park, there is an elevated cycle track and a practice area for beginners. The elevated cycle track has a figure-eight shape, with wide road surface and sections of uphill and downhill. The overall difficulty is not very high.

As for the practice area specially designed for beginners, there are more flat roads, so beginners can easily master it. In the practice area, there is also a small slope for beginners. The slope is not large, so that beginners can try and master some skills of controlling on the slope.

At the entrance of the cycling ground, you can see a bicycle rental kiosk, where visitors can rent bicycles directly. Although there are not many types of bicycles available for rent, there are bicycles for adults and children, and the hourly rental fee is about tens of Hong Kong dollars. Business hours are from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.

Next to the "Kowloon Bay Park Cycling Ground", there is also a well-equipped children's playground. In this playground, in addition to multiple swings, there are also multiple slides of different lengths. So that children can come to this children's playground to have fun at the same time after riding the bicycle, it feels very good!

If you also want to come here to ride a bicycle, it is recommended to take the MTR to Kowloon Bay Station and leave at Exit B. After that, take the escalator to Telford Plaza. Then follow the signs, walk through Telford Gardens to Wai Yip Street, then walk along the Wai Yip Street to Kai Cheung Road. Afterwards, walk along the Kai Cheung Road to the left until you reach Wang Kwong Road, and then walk along Wang Kwong Road to the right until you reach the Kowloon Bay Park Cycling Ground. The whole journey takes about 20 minutes.

Location: Kowloon Bay Park Cycling Ground
Address: Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon

Credit: Hong Kong Footprint (HongKongFootprint.com)

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