Peng Chau (Tai Lei Island to Ping Chau Tung Wan Beach) - A simple and peaceful island. A colorful island tour.

In addition to the three major outlying islands, Hong Kong actually has other hidden islands, and Peng Chau is one of them. Compared with Lantau Island, Cheung Chau and Lamma Island, Peng Chau has neither many tourist attractions nor commercial tourism facilities. It is just a simple and quiet island, but this is also a unique feature of Peng Chau. Then let's take a tour here by

In the past, Peng Chau used to be a small island with vigorous industrial development. Various industries were developed on the island. However, with the economic transformation of Hong Kong, the old industries are also declining. Although the scenery of this island is no longer, it still retains some old styles. For example, there are some abandoned factories, quiet beaches, traditional temples, and creative street arts, which have added a lot of historical and artistic atmosphere to the island.


Lamma Island Family Walk (Sok Kwu Wan to Mo Tat Wan) - A simple and easy hiking trail.

If you want to go on a picnic in Hong Kong, you want to be close to nature, but also want to have fun. In fact, there are many choices. This time, came to Lamma Island for an outing, and felt the simplicity of the place. Lamma Island is the third largest outlying island in Hong Kong. The island is not only simple in folk customs, but also has charming scenery. It is a good place for outings.

From Pier 4 of the Central Ferry Piers, you can take a ferry to Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier or Sok Kwu Wan Ferry Pier on Lamma Island. The two piers are located on the north and east sides of Lamma Island, respectively. Yung Shue Wan is relatively densely populated, and there are various types of restaurants and shops. It is also the most life-like place on the entire island. As for Sok Kwu Wan, although there are some restaurants and shops, compared with the lively Yung Shue Wan, it is full of more tranquility and natural atmosphere.


Stanley Back Beach - A great place to watch the sunset. A tranquil and charming little beach.

When you come to Stanley in Hong Kong, of course, you must visit the famous attractions here, such as "Stanley Promenade", "Stanley Plaza", "Blake Pier at Stanley", "Murray House", or "Stanley Market" and so on. However, if you are looking for some quiet places, there is also a good choice here. Now let's introduce it to you by

The "Stanley Back Beach" next to the "Stanley Market" is sparsely populated compared to the neighboring "Stanley Main Beach", and the scenery is beautiful, making it a good place to watch the sunset. The best time is to come here at sunset and enjoy the beautiful sea view. Especially under the warm sunshine, the gentle sea breeze blows head-on. Listening to the sound of the rustling waves is also very comfortable.


Tsing Shan Monastery - An important Buddhist pilgrimage site. A temple with a thousand years of history.

There are many temples in Hong Kong, some with a long history and some with interesting stories. As for the temple that will visit this time, It is heard that it is one of the three ancient temples in Hong Kong, and there is an interesting temple building story behind it.
"Tsing Shan Monastery" is located in Tuen Mun, New Territories, also known as "Tsing Shan Temple". According to legend, during the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Tuen Mun was the place where troops were stationed. One day, an Indian Buddhist monk who liked to sit on a big wooden cup and traveled around the world passed by here. It just so happened that there were no monks in the military camp who could conduct religious ceremonies. So the monk stayed behind and lived in seclusion in a cave in the mountain not far from the military camp, which is today's "Tsing Shan Monastery".


Ching Chung Koon - An elegant garden view. A traditional Taoist temple.

There are many traditional temples in Hong Kong with different religious beliefs, among which Buddhism and Taoism are the most common ones. As for, the temple that will visit this time is a Taoist temple. It is heard that the temple is not only beautiful, but also has a very elegant and comfortable environment. Now let's go and show you all.

In the belief of Taoism, "Tao" is the highest belief, and it is believed that "Tao" is an eternal existence that transcends material properties such as time and space, that is, everything is born from "Tao". So the principles of all things are the same. Taoism advocates humility, but this does not mean weakness. Rather, after penetrating the relationship between the "Tao" and all things, not fight for pointless fights.


Tai Wong Yeh Temple (Tai Po) - A former fishermen's settlement. A temple that brings safe and peace.

In the past, Yuen Chau Tsai, Tai Po, New Territories, was a small island in the northwest of Tolo Harbour, surrounded by the sea. It was a place for local fishermen to moor their fishing boats. The temple that will introduce this time is the Tai Wong Yeh Temple, which is closely related to this small island.

In the past, the fishermen who lived in Yuen Chau Tsai, Tai Po, New Territories, were mainly from Hailufeng, that is, Hokkien. Later, due to some reasons, some Hailufeng people came to Tai Po to live in Yuen Chau Tsai and make a living by fishing.


Sai Wan Beach - A famous beach for hiking, camping, stargazing and surfing.

The "Tai Long Wan" in Sai Kung, New Territories is mainly composed of four bays, from south to north, the "Sai Wan", the "Ham Tin Wan", the "Tai Wan" and the "Tung Wan". These four bays not only have their own characteristics, but also have beautiful scenery, which makes visitors never get tired of seeing them. And the place that wants to visit this time is a bay beach that is the easiest to reach among these four bays.

"Sai Wan Beach" is one of the famous natural beaches in Hong Kong. The sea view of this beach is not only open, but also the water is clear and the sand is very fine. The area of ​​the beach is also very large, and the coastline is quite long. It is definitely a high-quality beach with clear water and fine sand. It is a pity that there are not many places with big trees on the beach. It is recommended that visitors bring some shade supplies by themselves, so that they can rest in the shade.


Old District Office North - An elegant classical architecture. A great place to take pictures.

Hidden in the bustling downtown, there are many historical buildings with full of old style. The historical buildings that will introduce to you this time are said to have been built in the early 20th century and were built in the British Edwardian architectural style.

Located in Tai Po, New Territories, the "Old District Office North" is located on a small hill. Although the location is relatively hidden, it is not difficult to find. Going up the stairs along the uphill, along the way, there are lush foliage, the fragrance of flowers, and the English-style street lights on both sides make people feel that they have gone back to the past, which is very special.


Fan Sin Temple - A temple with full of memories of the ceramic industry. A temple with full of classic flavor.

Hong Kong used to develop the ceramics industry. Unfortunately, in the 20th century, the ceramics industry was declining due to the price competition of products from neighboring places. The place that will introduce this time is the only existing temple in Hong Kong related to the old ceramic industry.

Located in Shang Wanyao Village, Tai Po, New Territories, there is a temple called "Fan Sin Temple". It is said that it was built during the Qing Dynasty and was built by the Ma family to worship the deity "Fan Sin". This temple has a history of more than hundred years and has witnessed the rise and fall of the ceramics industry in Hong Kong. It is also the only existing temple in Hong Kong that enshrines "Fan Sin", so it has been listed as a declared monument in Hong Kong.


Wun Yiu Exhibition - Witness the history of the development of the ceramic industry in Hong Kong.

The ceramics industry in Hong Kong has a long history. As early as the Ming Dynasty, the Man family and the Tse family operated kilns in Tai Po, New Territories, to produce blue and white porcelain. Although the ceramic industry in Hong Kong today has long since declined, it is not difficult to find the relics of the old kilns. Now, will take us to visit an exhibition about the ceramic industry.

The Wun Yiu in Tai Po, New Territories, is the only blue-and-white porcelain kiln site discovered in Hong Kong. Some of the places where the kilns were found are listed as declared monuments in Hong Kong. In those days, every tool from the mining of clay to the kiln for firing, the place where the clay was mined, and the kiln for making pottery were all important cultural heritages in Hong Kong, and they also witnessed the rise and fall of the ceramic industry in Hong Kong.


Man Mo Yi Tai Temple - A symbol of justice and strictness. A historic temple.

The "Man Mo Temple" in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong can be said to be internationally renowned, but in fact there is also a "Man Mo Temple" with a long history and prosperous incense in Tai Po, New Territories. Now let bring us to take a look.

This "Man Mo Temple", also known as "Man Mo Yi Tai Temple", located in Fu Shin Street, Tai Po, New Territories, was built during the Qing Dynasty and was jointly built by local residents. The former "Man Mo Temple" was used as an office, mainly dealing with local residents' affairs, planning and participating in disaster relief and poverty alleviation, and resolving disputes among residents. For local residents, it is a place for administrative arbitration, religious belief, economic and cultural exchanges, and has a very important social status.


Hong Kong Railway Museum - A good place to take pictures. A train station with full of retro flavor.

With the rapid development of the city, the railways in Hong Kong have also undergone substantial changes, and the old railway station in Tai Po Market, New Territories, was decommissioned as a result. In view of the fact that this railway station has witnessed the development of the Hong Kong Railway, it was preserved and converted into a museum. Now let take us to look around.

The "Hong Kong Railway Museum" is located in Tai Po Market, New Territories. It is an outdoor museum converted from the "Old Tai Po Market Railway Station". It is also a declared monument in Hong Kong. In the exhibition hall, in addition to introducing the development history of the Hong Kong Railway, there are also a series of historical relics on display, including the platforms of the old railway station, steam locomotives, diesel electric locomotives, manual and motorized construction vehicles and antique carriages, etc. to reshape the trajectory of the old railway.


Hong Kong Science Park - A golden egg. A good place to travel by car.

Located beside the sea in Tai Po, New Territories, there is a big and bright golden egg. Especially in the sunlight, this golden egg is even more shining. If you want to have a glimpse of this golden egg, then don't miss this place that will introduce to you.

Completed in 2001, the "Hong Kong Science Park" is adjacent to the "Pak Shek Kok Promenade", overlooking the natural beauty of Ma On Shan to Tai Po. In addition, it covers a vast area and the surrounding scenery is very beautiful, which is a nice place to relax.


Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden - A diverse large farm. A great place to see animals and plants. visited this farm today and found that it is not only a green garden with beautiful scenery, but also a diversified farm with great ecological value. The farm was built in 1956 and occupies about hundred hectares of land. It can be said that it is a rare large-scale farm in Hong Kong.

It is heard that the purpose of building this farm was mainly to serve the local farmers, as well as to help those farmers who immigrated from the mainland of China, and to provide relevant agricultural assistance. Today, the farm has developed into a diversified environmental protection base, with the promotion of biodiversity and encouragement of green living as its main tasks, thereby enhancing visitors' awareness of environmental conservation.


Mai Po Nature Reserve - The most beautiful wetland in Hong Kong. A great place to watch migratory birds.

The Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Wetlands in the New Territories, located in the northwest of Hong Kong, are not only internationally renowned "Wetlands of International Importance", but also internationally recognized as "Important Seasonal Bird Nests and Transit Stations". Today, will take us on a tour of this internationally renowned wetland, and take a look at this bird paradise managed by "World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong Branch" (WWF-Hong Kong).

Known as the paradise for birds in Hong Kong, the "Mai Po Nature Reserve" is not only a beautiful wetland, but also a place with very rich habitats, which is the most suitable for observing biodiversity. The so-called biodiversity refers to the changes in the ecosystems in a certain area, and makes a measurement and calculation for different organisms in various ecosystems.


Western Monastery - A Chinese traditional palace-style architecture. A temple with a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

Hong Kong is a free society with diverse cultures. Religious beliefs in different places can coexist, and religious buildings with different appearances can be found. The place that will visit this time is a temple imitating the architecture of the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.

Lo Wai Tsuen, located in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, is one of the oldest villages in Tsuen Wan. There are many temples in the village, and "Western Monastery" is one of them. "Western Monastery" was built in 1973. Although it has only a history of several decades, it has beautiful natural scenery and a simple and quiet temple environment, so there is an endless stream of believers.


Kowloon Bay Park Cycling Ground - A flat and wide cycle path. A good place for beginners in cycling.

Cycling is a healthy exercise for the body and mind, so Hong Kong also has some innovatively designed public venues for cycling, such as a bicycle park is a good choice. The bicycle park that will introduce this time is not only beautiful, but also a good place for beginners to practice cycling.

The "Kowloon Bay Park Cycling Ground", which was only opened in 2005, although it occupies a small area, has sufficient bicycle facilities. In the park, there is an elevated cycle track and a practice area for beginners. The elevated cycle track has a figure-eight shape, with wide road surface and sections of uphill and downhill. The overall difficulty is not very high.


Cattle Depot Artists Village - An village with full of art. A good place to take pictures.

People who like to travel seem to like to visit the places with full of historical stories, just like the places wants to introduce this time. It used to be a cowshed that has been in operation for nearly a hundred years. Now it has been transformed into a place with full of culture and art. Today, let's go and visit it.

According to records, the cowshed was built in 1908 as a central slaughterhouse for the processing of live cattle. The entire cowshed includes sheds, slaughterhouses, feed warehouses, staff quarters and offices. The cowshed has been in operation for decades until the official opening of the new central slaughterhouse in Sheung Shui, New Territories.


Kowloon Walled City Park - A formerly settlement of the grassroots. A poetic park.

It is said that in the 19th century, there was a place in Hong Kong that was not governed by any government. Because of this, a lot of crimes happen here. Although this place is a thing of the past, there are still many relics left for us to visit. Today, will show you around.

This place is called "Kowloon Walled City Park", which is a park built on the original site of the "Kowloon Walled City". It is said that during the Qing Dynasty, the "Kowloon Walled City" was a military stronghold that was expanded to prevent the British army, but after the New Territories became a British lease, it became a place without any government for governance.


Hong Kong Museum of History - A museum worth visiting again and again.

In the bustling and lively city of Hong Kong, whether it is sightseeing or shopping, it is also a good choice. But if you are looking for something static and fun, consider visiting a museum. There are many museums in Hong Kong, and many of them are very interesting, and the museum that wants to introduce this time has exactly the above characteristics.

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, the "Hong Kong Museum of History" is a museum themed on the history of Hong Kong. The exhibitions in the museum are extensive and cover many areas, including Hong Kong's natural ecology, folk customs and historical development. By displaying Hong Kong's archaeological discoveries and precious cultural relics, it presents the natural ecological environment and historical stories of Hong Kong from ancient times to the present.


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