Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden - Green Living in Farm

This place is a huge lush green garden as well as a diversified farm.
Established in 1956, this farm covers over a hundred hectares of land.
Its establishment is to provide agricultural aid for local farmers, especially for immigrants from the Mainland China.

Nowadays, this farm is a place for promoting biodiversity and green living.
Strolling around the farm, visitors will encounter and discover various vegetable gardens, greenhouses of beautiful plants, and different animals.


Kat Hing Wai Walled Village - Family Stronghold

Established during the reign of Chenghua of the Ming Dynasty, this village is one of the ancient villages in Hong Kong.
It is a rectangular-shaped village, which is surrounded by high brick walls and cannon towers.
Being a family stronghold, these protective architectures are the essential components for warding off enemies, such as bandits, rivals, wild tigers and etc.

Nowadays, this village is still completely surrounded by the high brick walls and the cannon towers.
Outside the village, it is the remains of moat.


Sam Shing Temple - Cave of the Kirin

This temple was built in 1914 and opened to public in 1921.
It has about a hundred years of history.
It is also one of the Grade II historic buildings in Hong Kong.

This temple is located on a small hill, overlooking a bay.
This location was chosen because a bronze statue of Kirin was found inside a cave in this place.
Local residents believed that it is a symbol of good omens.
So, they built the temple here and the cave was revered as "the cave of the Kirin".


Golden Beach - The First Artificial Beach in Hong Kong

This beach is the first artificial beach in Hong Kong.
It is about 0.4 miles long and its sand was imported from one of the islands in Mainland China.

This beach is also one of the few beaches in Hong Kong that provides beach volleyball courts.
During weekends, it is usually crowded with visitors, mostly relaxing and sunbathing or playing beach volleyball in the beach volleyball courts.


Che Kung Temple - A Famous Military Commander in Song Dynasty

This temple has been around since the Ming Dynasty.
Until now, it is so well maintained.
In the temple, visitors can see many beautiful reliefs and paintings.
The traditional architecture and intricate sculptures make this worth for visiting.

This temple is dedicated to a famous military commander of the Song Dynasty.
During the invasion of Mongolian armies, this military commander protected the emperor of Song Dynasty to escape to Hong Kong.
Unfortunately, during the mission, he was sick and died.
So, building this temple was attributed to his character and contribution.


Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre - Share Gospel with Buddhists

This place was originally founded by a Norwegian missionary.
This missionary was sent to Mainland China for the missionary works in 1904.
Until 1930, due to the Chinese Civil War, he moved his works to Hong Kong and established this place.

Unlike traditional church, this place preaches Christian doctrines through traditional Chinese cultural arts.
In here, most of the buildings are designed in Chinese style and this place was mainly designed by a famous Danish architect.


Tsz Shan Monastery - Another Giant Statue

Opened in 2015, this place is a Buddhist monastery, which is located on the hill side.
The design of the monastery is to follow the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty.

In the monastery, there are several Buddhist halls, dormitories, towers, vegetarian dining halls and landscaped gardens.
The tranquil environment of the monastery provides visitors an ideal place for meditation and spiritual purification.


Fortified Structure at No.55 Ha Pak Nai - Refuge of the Revolutionaries

This building was built around 1910.
It was declared as a monument as it connects directly with the revolutionary movement under the leadership of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and his compatriots.

The location of the building overlooks deep bay and shenzhen.
Due to the geographical advantages, the building was served as an operational base of the revolutionary movement.


Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve - Tai Po Kau Nature Trail, Tai Po Kau Forest Walk - Forest Tour

This nature trail is one of the most thickly forested trails in Hong Kong.
Walking along the nature trail, visitors will see hundreds of different species of trees.

Visitors may also see some animals, such as deer, civet cat, pangolin, porcupine and different species of bird.
Some birds, such as Spotted Dove, Chinese Bulbul and Crested Bulbul, are commonly seen in the nature trail.


AsiaWorld-Expo - World Class Exhibition and Convention Venue

This building is an exhibition hall, mainly for world class exhibition, convention and performances.
Inside the building, there are plenty of rentable spaces, which is suitable for conventions, concerts, exhibitions, sports competitions and other entertainment events.

Its location is very convenient as it is located near the Hong Kong International Airport.
It is a great location as it can reduce the travel time required for exhibits and conference attendees.
Visitors can fly into Hong Kong, attend the exhibition and then depart within several hours.


APM - Shopping From the Morning to the Midnight

Opened in 2005, this shopping mall is a new trendy shopping mall.
It has variety of shops, providing the hottest and the most new trendy style fashion, accessories and daily necessities.
Its target is to provide a brand new shopping and leisure experience for the young people.

Besides, its operational concept is very innovative.
In this shopping mall, most of the shops and restaurants are open till the midnight.
This concept not only provides other business opportunities for local merchants, but also provides another shopping choice for local consumers.


Ng Tung Chai Waterfall - Ng Tung Waterfall Path - Waterfall Tour

Walking along this trail, visitors will see the biggest waterfall of Hong Kong.
It is also one of the four peculiar natural scenes in Hong Kong.

This waterfall consists of four waterfalls at different altitudes.
From bottom to top, visitors will see the bottom fall, the middle fall, the main fall and the scatter fall.
Especially the main fall, it is the highest waterfall and it has about 30 meters high.


Apliu Street Flea Market - Electronic Products Market

This street is one of the most famous flea markets in Hong Kong.
Its name is come from its origin.
In about 1920, the nearby areas of this street were full of fish ponds and duck raising yards.
Thereafter, due to the urban development, most of the fish ponds were land filled and the duck raising yards were closed.
Since then, this street got its name "Apliu", which means "duck huts" in Chinese.

At the very beginning, this street is just a local market.
Local residents come here to sell second hand stuff from their homes, such as old toys and electric devices.
By and by, this local market is specialized into selling mostly electronic products.


Antique Street - Street Museum

This street is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong.
It is a great place to look and shop around especially if you are looking for antiques, Chinese memorabilia and knick-knacks.

This street was built more than hundred years ago and it was one of the oldest streets in Hong Kong.
In the past, this street was close to the coastline.
It was once a market where the foreign merchants, sailors and adventurers tried to sell antiques and artifacts they got from China before their way back to Europe.
The market got its name by this reason and became one of the famous street markets in Hong Kong.


Clear Water Bay First Beach - Full of Nature

Located at countryside, this secluded beach is one of the famous beaches in Hong Kong.
This beach is known for its good water quality and beautiful scenery.

It also offers local residents a good place for enjoying the surrounding natural environment.


Ha Pak Nai - Romantic Evening

This place is one of the wetland areas in Hong Kong.
It is known to offer the best sunset views of the city.
Because of the beautiful sunset, it becomes a favorite dating venue among lovers.

This place is actually a typical fishing village.
In addition to those fishponds along the seashore, you can also see some rustic rafts mooring in the sea.
These rustic sceneries create a beautiful picture.


Mai Po Nature Reserve - One of the Finest Wetlands in Asia

This place is one of the finest wetlands in Asia.
It is also a good place for biological diversity observation.
Biological diversity generally refers to variability between ecosystems.
It is a measure of the variety of organisms present in different ecosystems.

In this place, there are many fish ponds, shrimp ponds, marshes, mudflats, mangroves and wetlands.
All of them are important habitat for migratory birds.
Every year, more than several ten thousands of migratory birds will take refuge in this place.
Some of them are even concerned by global conservation.


Tai Fu Tai - Official Dwelling in Qing Dynasty

Built in 1865, this building is one of the most elegant historical buildings in Hong Kong.
It is also a good example of traditional dwelling of official in Qing Dynasty.

This building was constructed in southern China architecture style.
It features some fine architectural decorations, such as green brick walls, ceramic figurines, wood carvings, murals and plaster moldings.


Hong Kong Wetland Park - Park of Natural Ecology

This place is a good place to learn about the natural ecology.
Conservation, education and tourism constitute the main element of this place.

In this place, there are some exhibition areas, a visitor centre and a wetland reserve.
The exhibits of exhibition area showcase the biological diversity and conservation of the wetland.
Through the exhibitions, visitors can learn more about the native flora and fauna of Hong Kong.


Miu Fat Buddist Monastery - Modern Buddhist Monastery

Constructed in 1950, this monastery is one of most special Buddhist monastery in Hong Kong.
In this monastery, there are two main buildings.

The first one is decorated with many Buddhist sculptures and beautiful paintings.
Other sculptures, such as dragons, lions and elephants, can also be seen in the entrance.


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