Man Mo Yi Tai Temple - A symbol of justice and strictness. A historic temple.

The "Man Mo Temple" in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong can be said to be internationally renowned, but in fact there is also a "Man Mo Temple" with a long history and prosperous incense in Tai Po, New Territories. Now let bring us to take a look.

This "Man Mo Temple", also known as "Man Mo Yi Tai Temple", located in Fu Shin Street, Tai Po, New Territories, was built during the Qing Dynasty and was jointly built by local residents. The former "Man Mo Temple" was used as an office, mainly dealing with local residents' affairs, planning and participating in disaster relief and poverty alleviation, and resolving disputes among residents. For local residents, it is a place for administrative arbitration, religious belief, economic and cultural exchanges, and has a very important social status.

There are also public scales in the temple for residents to use, and it also symbolizes the meaning of justice and fairness here. Since then, due to the gradual decline of farming, most of the residents have changed to business, and the establishment of the public scale has become a historical deed of this temple.

This temple is mainly dedicated to the two deities "Man Tai" and "Mo Tai". "Man Tai", also known as "Emperor Man Chang", holds a writing brush and is a deity in charge of studies and careers. As for "Mo Tai", also known as "Emperor Guan Yu", holding a long sword, he is a deity representing loyalty and military strategy.

The "Man Mo Yi Tai Temple" is a typical traditional Chinese building, surrounded by walls to keep the temple environment quiet. There are stone benches on both sides of the courtyard in the temple, and there are some green trees on the side, which has a classical flavor. The temple is mainly built of blue bricks. It is small in scale and simple in structure. The walls are decorated with detailed and gorgeous murals, and the roof ridge also has exquisitely crafted gray sculptures. The overall feeling is not only solemn and simple, but also has strong traditional characteristics.

Over the years, it can be said that there has been an endless stream of benevolent believers who have come to visit here. Some come to pray for the prosperity of their homes, some to pray for good weather, and some to pray for smooth work and good health. The incense here has also become extremely prosperous. Due to the age of the temple and witnessing the prosperous development of Tai Po in the New Territories, it is listed as a declared monument in Hong Kong.

If you also want to come here, it is recommended to take the MTR to Tai Wo Station and leave at Exit A. After that, walk along Po Nga Road to Tai Wo Bridge, and then walk along the Tai Wo Bridge to the Pak Shing Street. After arriving at Pak Shing Street, walk along Pak Shing Street until you reach Yan Hing Street. This temple is located in the market of Yan Hing Street.

Location: Man Mo Yi Tai Temple
Address: Fu Shin Street, Tai Po, New Territories

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