Belcher Bay Promenade - An extensive resting space. A delightful beachside playground.

The Belcher Bay Promenade on Shing Sai Road in Kennedy Town was originally a place for loading and unloading public cargo. But in recent years, it has been converted into a multi-purpose event space. This event space is mainly composed of waterfront promenade and open space. The environment is not only spacious, but there are also some amusement facilities. Today, will take you around.

The waterfront promenade here is mainly built with dark brown boardwalks, with wooden chairs along the way. It allows visitors to sit and rest while enjoying the sea view. Although the entire waterfront promenade is not long, coupled with the beautiful sea view, in addition to enjoying the views of West Kowloon, Stonecutters Bridge and Tsing Ma Bridge, visitors can also enjoy the view of Victoria Harbour. It was so refreshing.

Next to the waterfront promenade is the open space. In addition to some interesting amusement facilities, there is also a large area of activity space, and there is a small leisure farm next to it. From time to time, visitors will be seen playing skateboards or roller skating here, and some visitors will bring their pets to take pictures here, enjoying a happy time without restraint. The amusement facilities of different themes will also be changed from time to time, bringing different elements of activities to this waterfront promenade.

As for the most fun rides here, it should be the wooden climbing frame here. On the side, there are a lot of movable card boards. Visitors can move or pile them at will according to their preferences, and use different creativity to create different styles of designs.

If you get tired of playing, there are also some shaded places to rest. There are also a number of chairs and tables, so that visitors can enjoy the sea view and taste the food while resting, which is really very comfortable. In addition, there are also drink vending machines and toilets here, and the facilities are very complete.

As for the open space next to it, there is an urban farm, which is also the first farm in Hong Kong to combine hydroponics, aquaponics and organic farming. In this farm, in addition to planting a variety of flowers and plants, there is also a two-story hydroponic greenhouse. Visitors are free to visit the outdoor areas of the farm, or join a guided tour to visit the hydroponic greenhouse.

It is also very convenient to go to the Belcher Bay Promenade. It is recommended to take the MTR to Kennedy Town Station and leave at Exit A. Afterwards, walk along Smithfield in the direction of Victoria Harbour. About 5 minutes, turn into Shing Sai Road, you can see this waterfront promenade.

Location: Belcher Bay Promenade
Address: Shing Sai Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Credit: Hong Kong Footprint (

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