Peng Chau (Tai Lei Island to Ping Chau Tung Wan Beach) - A simple and peaceful island. A colorful island tour.

In addition to the three major outlying islands, Hong Kong actually has other hidden islands, and Peng Chau is one of them. Compared with Lantau Island, Cheung Chau and Lamma Island, Peng Chau has neither many tourist attractions nor commercial tourism facilities. It is just a simple and quiet island, but this is also a unique feature of Peng Chau. Then let's take a tour here by

In the past, Peng Chau used to be a small island with vigorous industrial development. Various industries were developed on the island. However, with the economic transformation of Hong Kong, the old industries are also declining. Although the scenery of this island is no longer, it still retains some old styles. For example, there are some abandoned factories, quiet beaches, traditional temples, and creative street arts, which have added a lot of historical and artistic atmosphere to the island.

The area of Peng Chau is not very large and the terrain is relatively flat. Although this small island is not a traditional tourist hotspot, it has both easy-to-follow outing trails and historic places. So that visitors can know more about the history and customs here while exploring the island.

In the northwest of Peng Chau, there is a small island called "Tai Lei Island". It is because there was a "Tai Lei stucco factory" on this small island, so it got its name. Walk along the coast from the Peng Chau Ferry Pier, and you will first come to the "Peng Lei Road Sitting-out Area", next to which you can see the "Seven Sisters Temple", which is rare in Hong Kong.

The Seven Sisters Temple in Peng Chau is one of the few remaining ancient temples in Hong Kong that retain the custom of enshrining the "Seven Sisters". On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar, that is, Qixi Festival, the story of the cattle herder and weaver Girl meeting on a Magpie Bridge in heaven has been passed down for thousands of years, just like the western story of Romeo and Juliet. On this day, local residents come here to pray for peace and prosperity, as well as for marriage or children.

Go a little further and you will see a bridge. This bridge connects Tai Lei Island and is a good viewing location. From the bridge, you can overlook Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Discovery Bay, the environment is quiet and the sea breeze is cool and comfortable. Therefore, whether it is to enjoy the coastal scenery of Peng Chau or the beaches and rocks of Tai Lei Island, the scenery is quite pleasant.

Go to the end of the bridge and you will find the "Tai Lei Island Pier". There is a small lighthouse on the pier, which is an excellent location for taking pictures. Combined with the powder blue railings on both sides of the pier, it is easy to take photos with full of Japanese style feelings.

Follow the trail to the other side of Tai Lei Island and you will find some creative gadgets nearby. These gadgets are all made from with waste or debris. They seem useless, but they are full of artistic taste. Some of them are made of discarded tires and ropes, and there are also some decorations. In addition to being full of creativity, it also feels quite environmentally friendly!

On Tai Lei Island, there is also a small sandy beach. There are several heart-shaped stones on the small beach, and there are also many fragments of shells and corals. Walking to the stone group next to it, in addition to enjoying the invincible sea view at close range, it is also a good location for taking pictures. In addition, the water here is clear and the sand is small, and the environment is beautiful, which makes it even more relaxed and comfortable.

After visiting Tai Lei Island, you can walk back to Wing On Street on the island. Wing On Street is one of the main streets in Peng Chau. Almost all Peng Chau delicacies can be found here. It is also the main place for local residents to supply daily necessities. On Wing On Street, the bustling of visitors forms a strong contrast with the small sandy beach in Tai Lei Island.

The Tin Hau Temple in Peng Chau on Wing On Street mainly enshrines the "Tin Hau". According to records, "Tin Hau", also known as "Mazu", is regarded as the patron saint of fishermen. The temple has a long history and is listed as a Grade II Historic Building in Hong Kong. A stone tablet was erected outside the temple, which is said to have been built in the late Qing Dynasty and is of great historical significance.

Walking along Wing On Street, you will find an alley with full of unique styles. This is the entrance to one of the famous Peng Chau scenic spots called "Leather Factory". In the past, Peng Chau used to develop a variety of industries, so there are many abandoned factories on the island. The leather factory on Wing On Street was previously listed as a Grade III historic building in Hong Kong.

The leather factory has now been activated into an art space, with a large number of murals, art decorations, graffiti and more along the way. Many works are made from recycled waste or debris, such as tires, bottles, water pipes and chairs. Re-stacking these useless things into colorful works of art adds another unique color to this peaceful Peng Chau.

Continue walking through the leather factory, and you will come to "Peng Chau Tung Wan Beach". Next to the beach is the "Lung Mo Temple". The Lung Mo Temple is the largest temple on the island. The main deity in the temple is the the Goddess of Sea, "Lung Mo". It is said that if you can touch the dragon bed in the temple, you will be able to increase your luck, health and success.

Peng Chau Tung Wan Beach is a quiet and peaceful beach. Many local residents like to come here for picnics or walks, and some visitors will row boats here. It's also a great place to watch the sunset and relax. However, this beach is not a government-managed beach, so there is no lifeguard service here, so it is recommended to just walk around here.

The transportation to Peng Chau is also very simple. It is recommended to take the MTR to Hong Kong MTR Station and leave at Exit E1. Afterwards, walk through the International Finance Centre (IFC) mall and walk to the Central Ferry Piers. Then take the ferry from Pier No.6 to Peng Chau. It takes about 50 minutes to arrive at Peng Chau Ferry Pier.

Location: Peng Chau (Tai Lei Island to Ping Chau Tung Wan Beach)
Address: Peng Chau Tai Lei Island, Peng Chau Seven Sisters Temple, Peng Chau Wing On Street, Peng Chau Tin Hau Temple, Peng Chau Leather Factory, Peng Chau Lung Mo Temple, Peng Chau Tung Wan Beach

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