Wun Yiu Exhibition - Witness the history of the development of the ceramic industry in Hong Kong.

The ceramics industry in Hong Kong has a long history. As early as the Ming Dynasty, the Man family and the Tse family operated kilns in Tai Po, New Territories, to produce blue and white porcelain. Although the ceramic industry in Hong Kong today has long since declined, it is not difficult to find the relics of the old kilns. Now, HongKongFootprint.com will take us to visit an exhibition about the ceramic industry.

The Wun Yiu in Tai Po, New Territories, is the only blue-and-white porcelain kiln site discovered in Hong Kong. Some of the places where the kilns were found are listed as declared monuments in Hong Kong. In those days, every tool from the mining of clay to the kiln for firing, the place where the clay was mined, and the kiln for making pottery were all important cultural heritages in Hong Kong, and they also witnessed the rise and fall of the ceramic industry in Hong Kong.

It is said that the Wun Yiu in Tai Po, New Territories, was originally developed by the Man family and the Tse family together. Until the Qing Dynasty, the Ma family moved south to Tai Po, New Territories, where they purchased a kiln and continued to operate. Later, the scale of operation was gradually expanded, and the porcelain produced was not only supplied to many cities in China, but also exported to countries in Southeast Asia.

At the "Wun Yiu Exhibition" in Sheung Wun Yiu Village, Tai Po, New Territories, you can still see these cultural relics that bear witness to the early economic and cultural development of Hong Kong. This "Wun Yiu Exhibition" was rebuilt from the original school building here. In addition to introducing the history and archaeological excavations of the Wun Yiu, the exhibition also displays unearthed cultural relics from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, including porcelain, kiln furniture and etc, which is of great historical value.

There is also a three-dimensional topographic map in the exhibition hall, marking the various locations of the Wun Yiu, including the place where the clay is mined and the kiln for making pottery, etc. The location indication is clear. On the side of the mountain next to the exhibition hall, is the site of the kiln, and the ground is full of various porcelain pieces. Because the location of the kiln is covered by dense woods, it is more difficult to find.

The "Wun Yiu Exhibition" is open from Monday to Sunday, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Closed on Thursdays. Admission to the exhibition halls is free, so if you want to see historical sites in Hong Kong without spending too much money, it is also a good choice to visit here.

If you also want to visit here, it is recommended to take the MTR to Tai Po Market Station, and then leave at Exit A3. Afterwards, transfer to the minibus No. 23K at the minibus terminus of Tai Po Market Station and get off at Wun Yiu.
After getting off the minibus, follow the directions on the signboard and go uphill. Then go to the right and you will see this exhibition hall.

Location: Wun Yiu Exhibition
Address: Sheung Wun Yiu Village, Tai Po, New Territories

Credit: Hong Kong Footprint (HongKongFootprint.com)

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