Fan Sin Temple - A temple with full of memories of the ceramic industry. A temple with full of classic flavor.

Hong Kong used to develop the ceramics industry. Unfortunately, in the 20th century, the ceramics industry was declining due to the price competition of products from neighboring places. The place that will introduce this time is the only existing temple in Hong Kong related to the old ceramic industry.

Located in Shang Wanyao Village, Tai Po, New Territories, there is a temple called "Fan Sin Temple". It is said that it was built during the Qing Dynasty and was built by the Ma family to worship the deity "Fan Sin". This temple has a history of more than hundred years and has witnessed the rise and fall of the ceramics industry in Hong Kong. It is also the only existing temple in Hong Kong that enshrines "Fan Sin", so it has been listed as a declared monument in Hong Kong.

According to legend, "Fan Sin" is the ancestor of the invention of making bowls out of clay. "Fan Sin" are three brothers, and each of them has extraordinary bowl-making skills, so they are highly respected by craftsmen who make pottery bowls or in the ceramic industry, and is also worshipped as deities.

In the past, the Ma family moved south to Tai Po, New Territories, and purchased a kiln there to operate. Later, the scale gradually expanded. The Ma family built the "Fan Sin Temple" near the kiln to worship "Fan Sin" and pray for smooth work. It is said that under the blessing of "Fan Sin", there was no serious accident in the kiln, so it attracted many local residents to come to worship, making the incense of "Fan Sin Temple" extremely prosperous.

In the 20th century, Hong Kong's ceramics industry continued to decline, and local residents turned to farming, but there were still worshippers of "Fan Sin" to pray for good weather and peace. Every year on Fan Sin's birthday (that is, the 16th day of the fifth lunar month), local residents come to this temple to pay tribute to the deities and celebrate the birthday. A small stage is built in front of the temple to celebrate, which lasts about four days. In addition to Cantonese opera performances, there will also be parade performances and other celebrations, the scene is very lively.

However, this custom of honoring the deities and celebrating the birthday has now been discontinued with the decline of belief in "Fan Sin". At present, there are fewer and fewer local residents who pay homage to "Fan Sin", and most of them are elderly residents living in the surrounding area. The lively scenes of the past are no longer there.

Although the structure of "Fan Sin Temple" is simple, the decoration is very elegant. The decoration of the roof ridge is exquisite and neat, and the murals outside the wall are also exquisite and gorgeous, full of a classical taste. In the left and right halls of the temple, there are exhibition panels of the kiln, as well as the old incense burners and candlesticks of the "Fan Sin Temple", as well as some old ceramic products, all of which are of great historical value.

If you also want to visit here, it is recommended to take the MTR to Tai Po Market Station, and then leave at Exit A3. Afterwards, transfer to the minibus No. 23K at the minibus terminus of Tai Po Market Station and get off at Wun Yiu.
After getting off the minibus, follow the directions on the signboard and go uphill. Then go to the right and you will see this temple.

Location: Fan Sin Temple
Address: Sheung Wun Yiu Village, Tai Po, New Territories

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