Stanley Back Beach - A great place to watch the sunset. A tranquil and charming little beach.

When you come to Stanley in Hong Kong, of course, you must visit the famous attractions here, such as "Stanley Promenade", "Stanley Plaza", "Blake Pier at Stanley", "Murray House", or "Stanley Market" and so on. However, if you are looking for some quiet places, there is also a good choice here. Now let's introduce it to you by

The "Stanley Back Beach" next to the "Stanley Market" is sparsely populated compared to the neighboring "Stanley Main Beach", and the scenery is beautiful, making it a good place to watch the sunset. The best time is to come here at sunset and enjoy the beautiful sea view. Especially under the warm sunshine, the gentle sea breeze blows head-on. Listening to the sound of the rustling waves is also very comfortable.

However, it should be noted that "Stanley Back Beach" is not a government-managed beach. So there are no shower facilities here. Although the water quality here is good, due to the lack of management, the sanitation of the beach is not stable. Nonetheless, this quiet and charming little beach is still a nice place to relax. Come here to play in the sand, take pictures, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, you can spend half a day. Not far from the "Stanley Back Beach", there is also the "Stanley Main Street Public Toilet", which can be filled with clean water for a little cleaning.

At the back of this beach, there is a row of red brick houses, a total of eight, collectively known as "Stanley Pat Kan Uk". As the name suggests, there are eight connected houses. It's been here for nearly a hundred years, and each of the houses is inhabited by residents. Seven of the houses are listed as Grade II Historic Buildings in Hong Kong, and the rest are listed as Grade III Historic Buildings in Hong Kong.

The appearance of these eight houses is almost the same, and they are all one-storey houses. And the walls are all made of red bricks, with green doors and windows, and gray tiled roofs, with full of quaint flavor. When you come here, of course, you have to take pictures and enjoy the traditional rural atmosphere here.

After visiting "Stanley Back Beach", you can go to the nearby "Stanley Market", or you can choose to go to "Stanley Promenade", "Murray House" or "Stanley Plaza" and taste the food there. There are many restaurants of different styles, both Chinese and Western delicacies are available, which can definitely satisfy the tastes of different visitors.

There are also many ways to get to Stanley Back Beach. It is recommended to take the MTR to Hong Kong Station and leave at Exit D. Afterwards, transfer to bus No. 6, 6A, 6X, 66 and 260 at Exchange Square Bus Terminus and get off at Stanley Village Bus Stop. When you come to Stanley, follow the directions on the signboard to go to Stanley Market. Afterwards, go straight towards the direction of Stanley Pat Kan Uk and then you can see the Stanley Back Beach.

場所: Stanley Back Beach
地址: Stanley Main Street, Stanley, Hong Kong

Credit: Hong Kong Footprint (

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