Mai Po Nature Reserve - The most beautiful wetland in Hong Kong. A great place to watch migratory birds.

The Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay Wetlands in the New Territories, located in the northwest of Hong Kong, are not only internationally renowned "Wetlands of International Importance", but also internationally recognized as "Important Seasonal Bird Nests and Transit Stations". Today, will take us on a tour of this internationally renowned wetland, and take a look at this bird paradise managed by "World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong Branch" (WWF-Hong Kong).

Known as the paradise for birds in Hong Kong, the "Mai Po Nature Reserve" is not only a beautiful wetland, but also a place with very rich habitats, which is the most suitable for observing biodiversity. The so-called biodiversity refers to the changes in the ecosystems in a certain area, and makes a measurement and calculation for different organisms in various ecosystems.

In the "Mai Po Nature Reserve", many original ecology with original flavor is preserved, and there are only simple footpaths to divide different fish ponds, reed fields, swamps, mud flats and mangroves. In addition, there are also some bird-watching houses here, so that visitors can watch migratory birds from a distance.

Since "Mai Po Nature Reserve" is located on the migration route of migratory birds, it attracts thousands of migratory birds every year to come here for habitation or replenishment. There are many species of migratory birds here, most of which are extremely rare, and some are endangered species in the world. The migratory season of migratory birds is generally in the spring and autumn of each year, so this time is also the best time to watch birds.

Since "Mai Po Nature Reserve" is the most important nature reserve in Hong Kong, it is forbidden to enter without permission. If visitors want to visit, they can only participate in the guided tour organized by the "World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong Branch" (WWF-Hong Kong).

Also worth mentioning is the mangrove forest here. It is the largest existing mangrove forest in Hong Kong. In order to protect this mangrove more effectively, visitors can only walk to the pontoon for a close observation. The total length of this pontoon bridge is about 1,000 meters. It can not only change with the rise and fall of the water level, but also preserve the original ecology, greatly reducing the need to cut down mangroves.

If you want to visit here, it is recommended to take the MTR to Sheung Shui Station and leave at Exit A1. Afterwards, transfer to bus No. 76K at Sheung Shui Railway Station bus stop and get off at Mai Po bus stop. It takes about 45 minutes by bus to arrive at Mai Po.

After getting off the bus, walk along Tam Kon Chau Road to Mai Po Visitor Centre of World Wide Fund Hong Kong Branch. This journey takes about 20 minutes to get there. The paths throughout the journey are smooth and easy, and you don't have to worry about getting lost.

Location: Mai Po Nature Reserve
Address: Mai Po Nature Reserve, Mai Po, New Territories

Credit: Hong Kong Footprint (

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