Museum of Tea Ware - Enjoy a delicious tea. A museum for introducing the history of tea sets in Hong Kong.

The tea ceremony is to present people's morality and art of life through three aspects: tea making, tea brewing, and tea tasting. It can be said to be a broad and profound culture. The requirements for tea sets are derived from it, which is another kind of knowledge. And what wants to show you this time is a museum about the history of Hong Kong tea sets, which is definitely worth a visit!

The "Museum of Tea Ware" in Central, Hong Kong was originally used as the official residence of the Commander of the Armed Forces, that is, the office and residence of the former commander of the British Army in Hong Kong. Due to the long history of the entire building, it has now been declared a declared monument in Hong Kong.

Although the space of the "Museum of Tea Ware" is not very large, the collection in the exhibition hall is very rich. In the exhibition hall, in addition to displaying the tea utensils of each dynasty, there is also a brief introduction to the characteristics of different types of tea, as well as related skills and methods of making tea. Traveling through the exhibition hall is like walking into a time tunnel, coming to tea houses belonging to different dynasties and seeing different tea sets, which is very interesting.

"Museum of Tea Ware" is also a good place for family and children. This is because there is a children's play room on the basement floor of the exhibition hall, which can be visited and played by children of different ages. Among them are some wooden toys and some children's picture books, which can let children to spend time and cultivate the relationship between parents and children, which feels good.

In addition, next to the "Museum of Tea Ware", there is a small teahouse called "The K.S. Lo Gallery". In this small teahouse, there are a variety of traditional Chinese dishes for visitors to choose from. Visitors can make some tea here, or have some refreshments. Especially when you are tired from shopping, want to find something to eat, or want to rest, you can choose to come to this small teahouse and taste the tea here, it is absolutely good.

The museum is open from Monday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Another thing to note is that it is closed on Tuesdays, but if that day is a public holiday, it will remain open as usual. Also, admission to this museum is free. So if you want to know the history of Hong Kong tea sets, but don't want to spend money, you might consider visiting here.

If you want to visit this museum, the best way is to take the MTR to Admiralty Station and leave at the Exit C1. Afterwards, follow the signs to Hong Kong Park via Pacific Place. This museum is in the Hong Kong Park and it's easy to find, so don't worry.

Location: Museum of Tea Ware
Address: 10 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong

Credit: Hong Kong Footprint (

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