Nam Sang Wai - A pristine natural wetlands. A great place to take wedding photos.

Although Hong Kong is a big and prosperous city, there are many places that have not yet been developed and still retain the original ecology. If you want to see mangrove forests, migratory birds, small wooden bridges, reed fields, and even Inter Islands Ferry, then you must not miss this place that will introduce. In addition to being a vast natural wetland, this place is also an important supply station for migratory birds.

During the two migration seasons of spring and autumn, there will be a large number of migratory birds, such as grey heron, black kite, cormorant, or black-faced spoonbill, etc., from far away places to fly to Hong Kong for a short stay in order to find food and habitat. And "Nam Sang Wai" in Yuen Long, New Territories, is one of the important supply stations for these seasonal migratory birds.

"Nam Sang Wai" is a wetland mainly composed of mangroves, reed fields, large grasslands, eucalyptus forests and fishing ponds. In addition to attracting various migratory birds to inhabit this wetland, it is not difficult to find traces of natural creatures such as mudskippers and fiddler crabs on the mudflat.

The environment of "Nam Sang Wai" is quiet and pleasant. There are many green trees along the way, surrounded by mountains, and around the Shan Pui River here, a crocodile about 1.5 meters long was once found. The crocodile was discovered by local villagers in 2003. After seven months, it was finally captured. It is now being raised in the Hong Kong Wetland Park for visitors to watch.

In addition, "Nam Sang Wai" is also a good place to take wedding photos. Every holiday, many visitors come here to take pictures, and the old wooden bridge standing in the fishing pond is a popular spot for visitors to take pictures and punch cards. Especially under the setting sun, it is simply picturesque.

In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, "Nam Sang Wai" also has the only remaining water transportation in Hong Kong, the "Inter Islands Ferry". This "Inter Islands Ferry" has a very long history. It is a human-powered water vehicle and it is the only water vehicle used to cross rivers in "Nam Sang Wai". This "Inter Islands Ferry" is mainly a simple boat made of wood and this kind of boat is also called "sampan". It is not suitable for ocean voyages, so it is generally only used on short-range waterways. In addition, there is a fee to cross the river by "Inter Islands Ferry" here, but it is very cheap.

If you want to go here, it is recommended to take the MTR to Yuen Long Station and leave at Exit A. After that, follow Yuen Long Kau Hui Road all the way to Shan Pui Road.

When we arrived at Shan Pui Road, we walked along Shan Pui Road to the Nam Sang Wai Ferry Pier. At the Nam Sang Wai Ferry Pier, you can take the Inter Islands Ferry to cross the river, and after crossing the river, you will come to Nam Sang Wai.

Location: Nam Sang Wai
Address: Nam Sang Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories

Credit: Hong Kong Footprint (

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