Pang Ancestral Hall - An ancestral hall that inherited traditional culture. An elegant and refined monument.

The so-called ancestral hall is a place used to worship and worship ancestors, and it is also a place for family affairs. There are many such ancestral halls in Hong Kong, and what will introduce this time is not only an ancient ancestral hall building, but also a historical building that inherits traditional culture.

The "Pang Ancestral Hall" in Fanling, New Territories was built by the Pang family, one of the five great clans in the New Territories. It is mainly used to commemorate the grace of their ancestors and to thank their ancestors for their protection. In the annual spring festival, the Pang family will come to the ancestral hall to hold sacrificial activities to worship the ancestors of the past dynasties.

The entire ancestral hall building is not only exquisite and quaint, but also very exquisite in craftsmanship. In the ancestral hall, there are exquisite carvings, woodcuts, gray sculptures, and gorgeous murals everywhere. The decoration is exquisite and meticulous, showing the taste of elegance. The main hall of the ancestral hall has a total of seven-story niches, dedicated to dozens of ancestors of the past dynasties.

The location of the ancestral hall is located in the central location of the walled village, which not only highlights the important position of the ancestral hall, but also means that the ancestral hall is deeply loved and protected by the Pang family. This also illustrates a traditional family ethics concept, which is to be grateful for the grace of our ancestors, and we will give the best things to our ancestors no matter what.

It is said that part of the "Pang Ancestral Hall" was rebuilt for educational purposes to provide pre-school education for children in the village, but it was replaced by other schools with the development of nearby areas. Today, "Pang Ancestral Hall" has been listed as a Grade I Historic Building in Hong Kong.

If you are also interested in coming here, it is recommended to take the MTR to Fanling Station, and then leave at Exit C. After leaving the station, walk along Fanling Station Road until you reach the Sha Tau Kok Road (Lung Yeuk Tau), and then follow the Sha Tau Kok Road (Lung Yeuk Tau) until you reach Jockey Club Road.

Afterwards, keep walking along Jockey Club Road to the left, and you will see a sign indicating the direction to Fanling Wai. If you walk like this, you will first see the north wall of Fanling Wai, and then keep walking, you will see the Pang Ancestral Hall.

Location: Pang Ancestral Hall
Address: Pak Wai, Fanling Wai, Fanling, New Territories

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